The Best Solar Companies in South Carolina

If you’re considering harnessing the sun’s energy with a solar power system in South Carolina, the next step is choosing the right company to partner with for your home solar project. Here’s a guide to help you make that critical decision.

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Why Go Solar?

Before starting your solar journey, it’s important to understand your motivations and goals. Are you looking to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint, lower your energy costs, or a combination of both? Clarifying your reasons will guide the process.

How Much Sun Does South Carolina Actually Get?

No matter where you live in the Palmetto State—Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, or Myrtle Beach—you can expect around 115 mostly sunny days per year with less than 30% cloud cover. While not as sun-drenched as California or Nevada, South Carolina boasts the best solar exposure in the Southeast, making it an ideal location for solar power.

Costs vs. Savings: Crunching the Numbers

To estimate potential savings, review your utility bills to calculate your annual electricity costs. Compare this to quotes from several South Carolina solar companies for installation costs and projected energy production of a photovoltaic (PV) system for your home.

Evaluating Your Roof’s Solar Potential

Certain roofs are more suitable for solar installations than others due to age, pitch/orientation, or shading. South Carolina solar panels perform most efficiently when facing due south with a roof pitch between 20 and 42 degrees. Consider your roof’s age and condition; if it’s over 30 years old, it may not support a solar array without repairs or replacement.

Prioritize Energy Efficiency First

Before installing solar, improve your home’s energy efficiency by air sealing, adding insulation, and replacing old appliances with more efficient models. This reduces your energy needs and the size and cost of the required solar installation.

Top Five Solar Companies in South Carolina

Based on customer reviews, services offered, website transparency, certifications, and other key criteria, here are the five best solar companies in South Carolina:

1. Blue Raven

Blue Raven is one of the largest and most established residential solar installers in South Carolina and 18 other states. They use premium equipment like monocrystalline solar panels and Enphase microinverters. Blue Raven’s vertically integrated model ensures consistent quality control and expertise, making them a top choice despite their higher costs. They offer attractive financing options like the BluePower Plus+ plan, which provides solar loans with no upfront costs.

2. Renu Energy Solutions

Operating since 2010, Renu Energy Solutions has completed over 5,000 residential and commercial projects across the Carolinas. Known for exceptional customer service and craftsmanship, Renu offers turnkey solar solutions, including the premium Tesla Solar Roof. They have a partnership with Sun Service Specialists for long-term support and maintenance.

3. South Coast Solar

Founded in 2007, South Coast Solar is one of the oldest solar companies in South Carolina. They have a strong reputation for professionalism and quality, with many positive reviews from satisfied customers. While detailed information about their financing options and product offerings is not readily available, their extensive experience makes them a reliable choice.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company

  • Research: Read reviews and compare services offered by different companies.
  • Get Quotes: Obtain multiple quotes to compare costs and financing options.
  • Check Credentials: Ensure the company has relevant certifications and licenses.
  • Evaluate Customer Service: Look for companies with a reputation for excellent customer service and long-term support.


Choosing the right solar company in South Carolina involves careful consideration of your goals, roof suitability, and potential savings. By prioritizing energy efficiency and partnering with a reputable solar installer, you can maximize the benefits of solar power for your home.

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